In The Foreigner, we get to see former Bond actor (does that make him a former Bondsman?) Pierce Brosnan go up against Jackie Chan in their roles as Liam Hennessy and Quan, respectively.

But is it really a fair fight? We all know any character played by Jackie Chan would win – but if he battled Brosnan’s James Bond, that would be a completely different (and incredibly) awesome scenario. It’d be the ultimate battle of East vs West (or a human version of Alien vs Predator).

The Popping Post brings you the brawl of the century by pitting James Bond vs Quan!

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) would win because:

Bond’s got gadgets from Q

Brosnan’s Bond was characterised by his reliance (some say over-reliance) on gadgets and gizmos – which is why his successor, Daniel Craig, takes a grittier approach to bad guys with his fists. In the films, Bond would be outfitted with gadgets before each mission by Q, the resident weapons designer of MI6, foreshadowing his usage of them later in the film.

Q would take everyday items and hide useful functions in them, like the coat that turns into a giant inflatable ball above and the famous invisible car in Die Another Day. He was played by Desmond Llewelyn and later John Cleese during Brosnan’s era, and Ben Whishaw in the Craig era of Bond films.

But one thing’s for sure – he’d definitely have the element of surprise against Quan with some secret gadget from Q.


Bond’s got international support from MI6

Bond doesn’t just have gadgets on his side – he has an entire nation’s espionage network at his disposal. Remember that all his missions are assigned by his boss, M (Dame Judi Dench), which means that any battle against Quan would likely be an order from MI6 (the British intelligence agency).

Can you imagine any single person who can go up against MI6 and win? Okay, there’s Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) in Skyfall, but he didn’t so much win as much as infiltrate MI6.

Quan would have to deal with all of MI6’s resources before he could defeat Bond.


Bond’s more suave

Here’s some fan service for all you Brosnan fans – Bond recovering from a mission in Die Another Day. Although Quan is probably fitter and stronger, Bond is undeniably more handsome and suave.

If it came down to a voting contest, Bond would win. And since half the planet is made up of women, that means that Bond’s already got 50% of the votes by default.


Quan (Jackie Chan) would win because:

Quan’s got guerrilla training

Look at how Quan fights and sets traps in The Foreigner. It’s clear that he’s got special forces military training and skilled in a very specific type of warfare – guerrilla warfare. As Hennessy says, “He’s one man running circles around the lot of us!”

Guerrilla warfare allows for a smaller group of soldiers to overpower a larger force through stealth, unconventional tactics, and mobility. That’s exactly what Quan does, and coincidentally, that’s how Jackie Chan usually prevails in his other martial arts films too.

Quan’s more vicious 

Quan (Jackie Chan) uses nothing more than a sharpened stick against his foe. The Foreigner. Credit: YouTube

Quan (Jackie Chan) uses nothing more than a sharpened stick against his foe. The Foreigner. Credit: YouTube

Quan is like Wolverine – a small, quick, but vicious creature that who can overpower larger foes. You need to have some level of brutality and savagery if you’re to win battles in which you’re severely outmatched, which is exactly what Quan has.

Just look at him almost stabbing his foe above. That stick is sharpened into stake, and all it takes is one sudden jerk to eviscerate his opponent. Quan looks like he’s going to do it, but you’ll need to catch The Foreigner to see if he does.

Would Bond do something like that? Nope. That’s why Quan would win.


Quan’s motivated by vengeance and holds nothing back

Quan (Jackie Chan) burns all reminders of his family. The Foreigner. Credit: YouTube

Quan (Jackie Chan) burns all reminders of his family. The Foreigner. Credit: YouTube

While Bond is driven by his patriotism (and the possibility of finding a new mate), Quan has a much more personal motivation.

The death of his loved ones.

Quan literally has nothing left to live for. This means that he would pull out all the stops if it means getting revenge, because that’s the only thing he has in life. He would beat Bond because that is all his life about, whereas Bond would still want to return back to MI6 for his (presumably) fat pay check.


And the winner is:


We have to give it to Quan. He might not have as many resources as Bond does, but his sheer badassery is going to mean that he wins the fight.

The Foreigner. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

The Foreigner. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas


So who wins in The Foreigner, Jackie Chan or Pierce Brosnan (who has aged a lot since his Bond days)? The film sees Quan going all out for revenge after a horrific incident, which leads him into conflict with Hennessey (Brosnan). But both are hiding some deep dark secrets, which eventually come to light in the film.

Have you ever heard Pierce Brosnan do an Irish accent? Did you know that he’s Irish American?

Check that out in The Foreigner!


Credits: YouTube, Golden Village Cinemas
Featured image: Christopher Raphael/Courtesy of STXfilms