Have you planned which movies to catch during this Chinese New Year holiday? Or does the thought of snaking long queues at the cinema daunt you?

Have no fear. If you know how to, there are ways to get around the long queues at the cinema. The main thing you need to remember is plan and purchase the tickets you need in advance to avoid getting those dreaded last-minute, front row cinema seats! CNY movie sessions up till Wednesday, Feb 10, have all been released, so you can start purchasing seats now. And there are not just one, not two, but five ways to get your hands on those tickets.

Let The Popping Post share these five hacks with you:

 1. Walk-in at the GV Box Office

Of course you know this, you say. This is the most direct way to buy movie tickets: Go to the cinema box office and queue. But did you know that you can purchase tickets cross-location? Meaning that if you want to watch the movie at, say, Plaza Singapura on Tuesday, you can actually purchase the tickets at a Golden Village cinema nearer to you, in advance. This way, you can save on Internet booking fees, too. Take note, however, that only Gold Class tickets are available at Gold Class locations.

2. Automated Ticket Machine

Buying movie tickets these days is a little like topping up your EZ-Link card at the MRT station. Other than queueing up at the box office, you can find these Automated Ticket Machines at most GV cinemas these days. You can only buy tickets to showtimes at that specific location, but you can buy a popcorn combo at the same time! Saves so much time, doesn’t it? GV Movie Club members can scan their membership card or key in their membership id during checkout. And you can pay via cash, prepaid card or credit card. Your ticket(s) will be printed out by the machine on the spot.

3. www.gv.com.sg

Book your movie tickets here!

Book your movie tickets here!

Now, what is a convenience fee of $1.50 if you need to run around like a crazy chicken during CNY for errands and have absolutely no time to stand in a line at the box office? As the movie sessions for the holidays are available on the Golden Village website, including showtimes for Gold Class, online booking is really a no-brainer.

And the best part of booking online is, you don’t have to queue up at the box office at all to collect your tickets!

You’ll get a Quick Tix™, which is an e-movie ticket that will be sent to you in a confirmation e-mail. Look out for the embedded QR code inside it. With the QR-Code, you can proceed directly to the to the usher point, scan in the QR code and proceed for entry to the auditorium – bye bye long queues!

4. iGV 

With this app (iPhone and Android), you can book any movie ticket, including Gold Class, on the go. You still have to pay a convenience fee of $1.50, and like online booking, you’ll get a Quick Tix™ as well and there’s no need to print out or collect hard copy tickets to your movie. Sweet!

Download iGV from the App Store or from Google Play.

Download iGV from the App Store or from Google Play.

5. AXS Station (edit to add n 2018: this option is no longer available)

Did you know you can purchase movie tickets from AXS Stations? And that there is always an AXS machine located near a GV cinema? You can also print out tickets (although you don’t need to do this if you have Quick Tix™) via GV Collect, a self-service application on AXS Stations for customers to collect their GV movie tickets booked via the GV website. You need your confirmation ID, NRIC, mobile number and the actual credit card which was used for the online booking. Movie tickets will then be printed out on the spot. Simply select Ticketing, followed by GV Collect and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and plan your CNY movie schedule now! Check out the movies available at GV cinemas here.