We know what you’re all secretly thinking – Aquaman, a big screen superhero? Really? Even though he’s portrayed by the big, buff Jason Momoa (who played Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones), whose role in Justice League was pretty cool, Aquaman is still just a guy who talks to fish and swims really fast right? Putting aside Momoa’s portrayal in the upcoming Aquaman, most of us remember this DC superhero as the fellow who used flying fish to get around in the animated superhero series from the 1970’s and 1980’s, Super Friends.

Aquaman in Super Friends. Credit: Tenor

Aquaman in Super Friends. Credit: Tenor

But real DC Comics fans will know that Aquaman is a lot more dangerous than just a merman with legs. His portfolio includes notable achievements. He has gone toe-to-toe with Superman, has got magical powers, and the ability to communicate with sea creatures. Don’t underestimate that last one – it is formidably useful when you consider man-eating sharks and giant octopi to be among your allies.

Aquaman decks Superman. Credit: Quora

Aquaman decks Superman. Credit: Quora

Here’s why you should start respecting Aquaman and maybe being even a little more scared of him. We tell you why this half-human, half-Atlantean is one of the more formidable members of the Justice League – and show you just how powerful the King of the Seas really is.

1. Aquaman can control all sea creatures

Aquaman summons sharks to deal with Parademons in the New 52. Credit: Pinterest

Aquaman summons sharks to deal with Parademons in the New 52. Credit: Pinterest

In the New 52 reboot of DC Comics, the Justice League meets Aquaman when he summons a horde of sharks to deal with a group of approaching Parademons (the evil alien soldiers that we saw in Justice League). Sharks are technically fish, after all – and as any good strategist knows, overwhelming your opponent with superior odds is the best way to ensure victory with minimal casualties.

Aquaman’s ability to “talk to fish” is actually a form of long distance telepathy that can affect all marine life. In this case, marine life also includes creatures that lives near the sea (e.g. seagulls), or creatures that evolved from marine life (like humans and some aliens). In addition to communication, he can coerce these creatures to do his bidding by subtly altering their actual brain. He can virtually mind control the entire sea!

It’s just that the writers don’t always use this power to its fullest extent. Otherwise, Aquaman would wield too much power compared to his allies.


2. Aquaman is amphibious

Aquaman drowns Superman - above water. Credit: Quora

Aquaman drowns Superman on dry land, with a hand of water. Credit: Quora

Few (mammalian) superheroes can breathe underwater without aid – but Aquaman can! He can win many fights just by taking the battle underwater and outlasting his opponents. In fact, since he can also waterboard his opponents into submission, as shown in his battle against Superman above.

In the Justice League animated series, he’s quite the match for Wonder Woman – while on land! So when he takes the battle underwater, it’s a wash (pun intended). Wonder Woman can’t hold a candle to Aquaman when they’re fighting in the ocean. However, Aquaman is still an honourable fighter and a true gentleman – so he carries Wonder Woman’s unconscious body back to her allies, rather than leaving her to drown after defeat.


3. Aquaman has powerful magical artifacts and abilities

Aquaman wields a powerful weapon called the Trident of Poseidon (called the Trident of Atlan in the Aquaman live-action film). How powerful is it? Watch the clip above to see how the Justice League fares when Orm (Aquaman’s archenemy) takes control of the Trident and battles the Justice League with it. Armed with the magical Trident, he mops the floor with them, even stabbing Superman straight in the chest (don’t worry, he gets better).

The Trident is not only an indestructible weapon. It is capable of hurting otherwise invulnerable beings like Superman and Darkseid (an intergalactic despot). The Trident also amplifies Aquaman’s latent magical abilities, allowing him to use Atlantlean magic to create any number of effects.

That Trident beats Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth any day.


4. Aquaman once cut off his own hand to escape

You may have noticed several depictions of Aquaman where he has a hook for a hand. That’s because he loses his left hand in both the comics and in the animated series. In the comics, he loses his left hand when he battles the supervillain Charybdis, who temporarily suppresses his power to communicate with sea creatures, then sticks Aquaman’s left hand into a pool of piranha.

In the Justice League animated series, Aquaman and his child and are captured, and the superhero’s left hand is chained to a rock that’s about to fall into a chasm. In order to save their lives, he sacrifices his hand to escape.

Regardless of how he loses it, Aquaman gets a retractable hook for a hand in both versions. But in the comics, he later gets a magical hand made out of water (that we saw in the panel earlier, where he’s drowning Superman).

Aquaman's water hand. Credit: Comic Vine

Aquaman’s hand of water. Credit: Comic Vine

Let’s hope that Aquaman doesn’t lose his hand in the movie.


5. Aquaman is the king of the largest kingdom on Earth

King Aquaman. Credit: Comic Newbies

King Aquaman. Credit: Comic Newbies

Aquaman is also the King of Atlantis, affording him all the power and magic that is accorded royalty. Now, any king would be pretty formidable already – they have access to tremendous resources, armies, and even the assistance of superheroes. So think about Aquaman’s kingdom. He has command of the Atlantean army (which uses magic and advanced technology), many other Atlantean artifacts on a par with his Trident, as well as other Atlantean super-powered beings, such as Aqualad and his love interest, Mera. The seas also cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, and that’s a lot of real estate.

Even the Justice League would have problems battling an entire army and Aquaman.

Aquaman. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Aquaman. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

So, what happened to the wisecracking Aquaman after the events of Justice League? You’ll find out in Aquaman, which takes places a year after the attempted invasion of Earth. It follows Aquaman’s adventures as he’s reluctantly drawn into the succession drama of Atlantis. However, there’s something more sinister afoot here – and it’ll take all of Aquaman’s skills and abilities to save the day. We finally get to see his girlfriend Mera (Amber Heard) and buddy Nuidis Vulko (Willem Dafoe), whose scenes were dropped from Justice League. Patrick Wilson plays the villainous Orm, with Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna.

Will Aquaman embrace his destiny, or run from it?


Credits: Tenor, Quora, Pinterest, Comic Vine, Comic Newbies, Golden Village Cinemas



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