It’s out, it’s out! Not the movie, but a third trailer of MinionsThis animated feature from Illumination Entertainment is proving to be the biggest tease for summer releases in 2015. Check out the new Minions trailer for 2015 here:

Be a little patient when you load it. The first few seconds may look familiar but I assure you that by about 0:58 you’ll get to see some new stuff.

In the previous few trailers, we discovered that minions like Stuart, Kevin and Bob have existed on the planet far longer than we have and have etched a living by gravitating to villains. In trailer #2, we learn about a character called Scarlet Overkill, whom they meet at Villain-Con and is voiced by Sandra Bullock.

In this trailer, you’ll find out the quest she sets Stuart, Kevin and Bob to perform. And one minion’s sick, sick fetish with yellow fire hydrants. Minions is set to be released in cinemas here on June 18.