Shared your first kiss in a Golden Village theatre? Brought your kids to watch their first movie at a GV cinema near you? Experienced something extra-normal, like our writer Marcus Goh did, at a toilet in GV Plaza?

As long as you’ve visited a cinema in your lifetime, there’s a 60% chance that you’ve patronised GV, and therefore have a #MyGVStory to tell. After all, GV has been around for 25 years!

That’s right, GV is commemorating its silver anniversary this year and wants you to join in the celebrations! All you need to do is join in the #MyGVStory Instagram Campaign, and you could stand to win a $38 Golden Village Gift Card and GV Movie Club premiums every week.

Here’s what you need to do

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2. Take a creative picture/video of your GV story, tag us @gvmovieclub and hashtag #MYGVSTORY

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4. Remember to uncheck your privacy setting!

5. Contest starts ends 11:59PM on Aug 31, 2017.

What is a “GV Story”, you say? Well, simply put, it’s a memory related to Golden Village. I remember catching Titanic (1997) with my mum and sister at GV Tampines 20 years ago. Being a 14-year-old teenager, it was obviously not a romantic outing but my sis and I were excited because we somehow managed to convince my mother to catch the midnight show. It was also a big deal that Titanic was three hours and 15 minutes long – almost long enough to rival the 212 minute-long Ben-Hur (1959).

While I don’t have the photographic evidence of this memory anymore, our writer Marcus Goh may have very well preserved his teenage romps at GV.

“When I was a student, Golden Village movie ticket stubs were printed on card stock. So I’d keep the movie ticket stubs and pin them on a corkboard to see what movies I’d watched. Since they were all the same size, you could fit them very nicely into a gridlike pattern. I think I completed an A3-sized corkboard in a year.”
Recently, he had a terrifying experience at GV Plaza, and posted a photo on Instagram about it.
“To promote The Faith of Anna Waters, Golden Village Plaza Singapura had a picture of a hooded figure and its shadow pasted in the male toilets. It was pretty terrifying since it lurked in the urinal area and you know, your bladder is already pretty full when you go into the loo. I almost sprang a leak when I saw it and I actually went to pee somewhere else because I really couldn’t turn my back on that,” he said. This would be a perfect #MyGVStory entry, folks!

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Plaza Singapura's toilets are really quite terrifying

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Jolleen Lim, a cinema executive with Golden Village, recalls a similar story from 2008, when she had just joined the company and the office was located at GV Plaza. During her morning routine one day, she was horrified to find that the toilet looked as if it were a CSI crime scene, with traces of blood on the mirrors. Upon taking a closer look, she realised that it was actually art glue. Thinking that some irresponsible young punks must have vandalized the toilets the previous night, she told the cleaners to get rid of all the stains.

Little did she know that the graffiti had been deliberately put up by her colleagues in the marketing department, to promote the Hong Kong horror film Rule #1.

On another early morning in a quiet cinema hall so creepy it belonged to a Russell Lee story, Jolleen steeled herself to check the cinema halls, something she had to do every day. On lucky days, all the lights would be switched on by the projectionists, but on unlucky days, she would have to brave the dark, empty halls alone.

This particular morning, the lights dimmed the moment she stepped inside and the screen blacked out! Within seconds, a Pontianak appeared onscreen! She squealed, only to find her projectionist colleagues looking out of the projection room porthole and asking her if she was ok. It turned out that they were simply running the movie for checks. As for why they decided to start with the scariest part, she never will know.

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Even Singapore film director Jack Neo has a #myGVstory. His first movie Money No Enough (1998) was distributed and screened by Golden Village. He said: “The feeling was really special… In these 25 years, which of my movies have you caught at GV? Do you still remember?”

We hope we have given you enough ideas for your #MyGVStory submission! Click here for more details.

Good luck for the contest, and happy 25th birthday to Golden Village!