Are you a fan of sake, sushi and all foods Japanese? Or are you an avid follower of Michelin-star guides?

If your answer to either question is yes, then you should not be missing out on Golden Village’s Food Film Festival happening from now until July 27 at GV Suntec City.

GV’s first Food Film festival features three exclusive films on Michelin-star restaurant chefs René Redzepi of Noma (Ants On A Shrimp), Sergio Herman of Oud Sluis (Sergio Herman F***ing Perfect) and Jiro Ono of Sushiyabashi Jiro (Jiro Dreams Of Sushi). The other films, Tsukiji Wonderland, Kampai! For The Love Of Sake and Foodies, are succulent documentaries which are sure to make you leave the cinema feeling hungry.

Don’t have enough time for them all? Here’s an easy way to help you decide: Go by your food of choice!

If you like seafood

Did you know that Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is 80 years old, and that it was built to receive goods by train and deliver goods by truck, so that traffic would flow seamlessly?

Renowned as the world’s largest fish market, all the best fish around the world – about 2,000 tons of fish worth $16 million dollars arrive at Tsukiji every morning. It is significant not only by its scale, but more by the unique role it has played in Japanese food culture.

Currently located right next to Ginza in central Tokyo, it will move to Toyosu this year. This documentary thoroughly captures Tsukiji in its current state, including the rich cultural story behind it and how it has been the centre of Japanese fish culinary culture.

If you like sushi

If you haven’t caught this documentary which left mass audiences hankering after a reservation at Sukiyabashi Jiro, you should catch it now. Jiro Ono, the 85-year-old sushi master of this unassuming eatery located in the basement of a Tokyo office building, is famous for only offering omakase meals based on the day’s catch.

Even as his son Yoshikazu steps into his father’s shoes and is slowly taking over the legendary restaurant, Jiro-san relentlessly pursues his lifelong quest to create the perfect piece of sushi.

If you wondered how Japanese ingredients can be used in Nordic cuisine

Ants on live, wriggling shrimp. Freshwater shijimi clams on a konbu tart. Cuttlefish soba. These are just three of the items on Noma’s Japanese menu, concocted by chefs who were using ingredients that they had never seen before. Known for his principle of only using locally-sourced ingredients, the charismatic René Redzepi and his team applied their philosophy to an entirely foreign environment when they moved the world’s best restaurant from Copenhagen in Denmark to Tokyo in Japan.

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