Before we get into the battle proper, let’s establish which Chucky we’re talking about here. We’re referring to Chucky from Child’s Play (2019), not Child’s Play (1988). While they’re both about a psychotic murder doll named Chucky who’s out to terrorise families and innocent children, the origin story has been updated this year.

Child’s Play (1988) explained that Chucky was the result of voodoo magic gone wrong. But in Child’s Play (2019), we learn that Chucky’s “powers” come from the fact that he’s connected to the Internet of Things, and hence can control any electronic device that he is connected to (which is almost everything). The updated Chucky may not have supernatural origins, but he could pop up on your mobile phone (or computer) right now and try to kill you.

Annabelle, on other hand, is fairly… straightforward. She’s a creepy looking doll that functions as a conduit for another, more powerful demon. She is also a magnet for other evil sprits nearby.

So let the battle begin!



Chucky from 'Child's Play'. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Chucky from ‘Child’s Play’. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Chucky is pretty formidable against humans, since he can talk to electronic devices. Why’s that so? Well, it’s because in the universe of Child’s Play, a multinational tech company named Kaslan Corporation has monopolised the entire tech market. Think of Kaslan Corporation as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple combined, and you pretty much have a good idea of what it is. Everyone’s home is filled with Kaslan Corporation products.

Chucky is actually just one toy from a line of dolls called Buddi. Buddi dolls are basically Amazon Echos and Google Homes inside a doll, except that you can give them instructions and they can activate any Kaslan Corporation product that is connected to the Internet. That’s how Chucky can control all those appliances.

So in a battle between Chucky and Annaballe, how would Chucky prevail? Well, Chucky would reach out to all his fellow Buddi dolls, control them, and send them to attack Annabelle. But if that doesn’t work, he has the world’s largest library at his fingertips – Google. We’re pretty sure he can find a way to defeat Annabelle using Google.

But, if all else fails, Chucky can always buy holy water on eBay and use that against Annabelle. When you’re basically a sentient, malicious AI, you can do virtually anything with technology. You’re like a modern day genie!



Annabelle from 'Annabelle Comes Home'. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Annabelle from ‘Annabelle Comes Home’. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

But what about Annabelle? Well, she’s the classic demon doll, so her powers are what you’d expect from a haunted item. Although there’s a lot of evil energy that’s associated with the doll, it’s not technically what causes all the creepy things that happen in Annabelle Comes Home. It’s because the doll is possessed by a powerful demon, which is why all those paranormal incidents occur.

In Annabelle Comes Home, it’s established that Annabelle is a magnet for evil spirits and creatures. The mere presence of Annabelle will also cause other haunted items to act up. Annabelle herself can also move things like a poltergeist, and can also do the standard ghostly things that you see in a horror film.

So how would she battle Chucky? First, she’d summon an army of demons. If you’re wondering where all those demons are going to come from – well, remember that Annabelle is a magnet for demons? She could seduce and control a whole gang of demons, then send them against Chucky. But even without her demon hordes, Annabelle still has formidable telekinetic and magical abilities, which she can use to tear Chucky apart.

If all else fails, Annabelle could use her demonic powers to vaporise Chucky, and that would be the end of him.


Annabelle vs Chucky. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Annabelle vs Chucky. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

This is how the imaginary battle would go. Chucky would approach Annabelle (remember, we never see Annabelle moving), along with his army of Buddi dolls. Annabelle wouldn’t move, but she’d summon her demon hordes to attack the Buddi dolls.

With their forces occupying each other, it’d be a one-on-one between Chucky and Annabelle. Annabelle would probably use her demon magic to attack, but Chucky can instantly access the Internet and find ways to counter her magical abilities. Once on the Internet, Chucky can find a way to destroy Annabelle (as well as the items required to do so), then go ahead with his plan.

Chucky wins!

'Child's Play'. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

‘Child’s Play’. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Are you still wondering what is the actual the extent of Chucky’s powers? After all, being able to control electronic devices and accessing the Internet sounds a little vague, doesn’t it? That’s why you should catch Child’s Play and see what exactly Chucky can do! This remake of the 1988 classic sees an innocent, lonely child who finds a new best friend – Chucky. However, it turns out that Chucky is a little… defective, and starts murdering everyone around him. Chucky is voiced by Mark Hamill (the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series and other DC Animated Universe series), so you know he’s going to be creepy! Aubrey Plaza also appears as Karen, the hapless mother of a son who owns a creepy doll.

If you’ve had a hard week at work, then it’s time to play… by watching Child’s Play.

Credits: Golden Village Cinemas


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