A few months ago, the Charlie Challenge went viral. Social media channels were flooded with clips of people who were trying to summon the spirit of Charlie using a piece of paper and a couple of pencils. Now no one knew who Charlie was or how this challenge even came about. But it became especially popular with teenagers, who were all too eager to take up the challenge of invoking this evil spirit.

Some people caught mysterious things happening on camera while carrying out this challenge, whether it was the pencils moving (indicating Charlie trying to communicate with our human realm) or fleeting shadows in the background, or even strange objects moving around the room.
A couple of months after the Charlie Charlie challenge went viral, news of The Gallows came out. It was then people realized how and why the Charlie Charlie challenge started. This clever challenge had created the best hype and interest for the horror movie The Gallows. Here is the short teaser that was posted on The Gallows movie website and the official Instagram account. In the clip, we see the main lead of the movie playing the Charlie Charlie challenge the same way everyone on the internet has been doing the past couple of months. Then she’s abruptly dragged down a stair case and we are left hanging!

So, finally we know how this Charlie Charlie challenge came about. But there are still many unanswered questions which horror fans are waiting to find out.

Curious teenagers chance upon a video of Charlie's accidental hanging during a theatre production Photo credit: www.artbracket.com

Curious teenagers chance upon a video of Charlie’s accidental hanging
Photo credit: www.artbracket.com

In the movie The Gallows, a group of students (Cassidy, Pfiefer, Reese and Ryan) chance upon a recording of a play called “The Gallows”, staged at their school 20 years ago. A student who was acting in the play, Charlie Grimille is accidentally hung and killed after a prop malfunction. This horrific accident is witnessed by all in the audience, including Charlie’s parents.

Pfeifer finds herself terrified and alone in the dark Photo credit: lfmmag.com

Pfeifer finds herself terrified and alone in the dark
Photo credit: lfmmag.com

Their school attempts to put on a new performance of “The Gallows”. Cassidy, Reese and Ryan sneak into school to vandalise the production set, but they bump into Pfiefer there. Then the four of them find themselves locked inside the school with no cell phone reception, ensnared by the vicious spirit of Charlie.

Cassidy sustains a painful injury Photo credit: the-numbers.com

Cassidy sustains a painful injury
Photo credit: the-numbers.com

Was what happened to Charlie 20 years ago an act of foul play? Why is he hurting people? Will this curse ever be broken? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

In the meantime, here’s the official movie trailer for The Gallows. Don’t wet your pants!