Arrival. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 horrible mistranslations that could only happen in Singapore

Jan 12th, 2017 Action, Science Fiction, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

Singapore is a land of wonders. So many people speak so many different languages that it’s perfectly possible to have someone rattle off a sentence with three different languages in it. I mean when you order your kopi si siu dai in English, you’re also speaking Malay (kopi) and Hokkien (si siu dai). No wonder other countries marvel at our ability to code switch so…

Movies to look forward to in the first half of 2017

Hollywood blockbusters will come and go, but 2016 will be remembered as the year that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar, and the year that muscle movie Mad Max: Fury Road received 10 Oscar nominations. The dust has settled but not for long; 2017 has its noteworthy releases any cinephile should look forward to. From action flicks to animated features to sequels/prequels of DC/Marvel movie…

The Age of Shadows. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Gong Yoo’s 5 best roles on screen

Jan 4th, 2017 Action, Adventure, Thriller Marcus Goh 7 min read

After being overtaken by Song Joong-ki in Descendants of the Sun, Gong Yoo returned to the hearts and minds of Korean pop culture fans everywhere when Train to Busan debuted. There’s a reason why he’s such an evergreen idol though – he’s taken on a number of vastly different roles and excelled in all of them. So today, we pay tribute to five of Gong Yoo’s…

Assassin's Creed. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 Singapore eras we’d visit if we had the Animus from Assassin’s Creed

Dec 23rd, 2016 Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

In Assassin’s Creed, the titular “Assassin” explores different time periods, like the Renaissance and the French Revolution in the games, through a device called the Animus. He doesn’t actually time travel (that would be amazing though) – rather, the Animus allows him to experience the memories of his ancestors, thereby letting him roam through the time periods his ancestors lived in. It’s kind of like…

Death Note: Light Up the New World. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 reasons why the Death Note would be useless in Singapore

Nov 10th, 2016 Action, Adventure, Animation, Crime, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

Anyone who’s watched Death Note has fantasised about having a Death Note, or rather, using one. Writing someone’s name in a Death Note (a black supernatural notebook) means that they will die, no questions asked. You even get to specify how they will die. Don’t bluff, I know you have a list of names you want to write on the Death Note. But even if…

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

6 occupations that ex-army man Jack Reacher would ace in Singapore

Oct 18th, 2016 Action, Adventure, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

Tom Cruise’s latest flick sees him playing Ethan Hunt Jack Reacher, an action hero with amazing combat skills who gets embroiled in web of deceit. But where did Jack Reacher get all that combat training? Turns out, he was a former military man. Not all former soldiers get to lead such a glamorous life, though! If Jack Reacher were a former SAF regular, he wouldn’t be…

Inferno. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 legendary places in Singapore that could hold lost secrets

Oct 14th, 2016 Adventure, Thriller Marcus Goh 7 min read

Inferno is the third movie to star Tom Hanks as symbology professor Robert Langdon, except that it takes a leaf from the Hangover series and gives Robert Langdon amnesia as he traipses around the Florence (in Italy) trying to figure out what happened the past few days. That’s never going to happen in Singapore, since our country would hardly have the sort of buried secrets that Florence…

The Accountant. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Get rich quickly with these Asian wealth superstitions!

Oct 13th, 2016 Action, Adventure, Thriller Marcus Goh 9 min read

There are two ways to get rich. One is to reduce expenses, like getting a Golden Village Movie Club card to watch movies on Tuesdays (you can save up to $156 a year!), and the other is to increase your salary. But it’s not like your boss will give you an increment if you ask for it, especially if you have a Bad Boss. So…

The Girl on the Train. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 interesting factoids about Singapore’s trains

Oct 8th, 2016 Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

Most of us take the train everyday, and that’s just going to increase with our move to a car-lite society (although it still mystifies me how new ERPs are constantly being built even though we’re going car-lite). But what do we really know about our country’s trains, besides the fact that it breaks down more often than a Snorlax appears? Was it always like this?…

The 9th Life of Louis Drax. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 movies about the subconscious that have lingered in our subconscious

Sep 23rd, 2016 Science Fiction, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

The subconscious is a powerful and curious aspect of the human mind. It’s what gives horror movies like Blair Witch and Lights Out such power (we involuntarily recall those scary scenes when we’re in similar situations), but it’s also what fuels our most beautiful emotions, like love and sorrow. It’s no wonder so many movies have been made about the subconscious, thanks to this mysterious…