Boo Junfeng won’t leave you hanging at his Blog Aloud session [Giveaway inside]

Jun 27th, 2016 Arthouse, Asian Cinema, Event, GV Exclusive, Singapore Film Rachel Chan 5 min read

How does one go about making a film about being an executioner? As Boo Junfeng, director of Apprentice, will tell you, it took him five years, during which he interviewed retired executioners, religious counsellors, and family members of those who have received the death sentence. The latest film of Singapore’s critically acclaimed Boo focuses not just on the death penalty, but the point of view of the…

Enjoy Chen Bolin in three ways in Distance

Jun 1st, 2016 Adult Themes, Arthouse, Asian Cinema, Singapore Film Rachel Chan 4 min read

What do an illegitimate son, an estranged friend and a student admirer-turned-ex-lover have in common? All three relationships come back to haunt them after a long period of separation and absence. Also, these three roles in the feature film Distance are each achingly portrayed by Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin. Last Friday, Chen himself, executive producer Anthony Chen (director of the award-winning Ilo Ilo) and Singaporean director Tan Shijie (Tan…

Young and Fabulous poster. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 cosplayers who will give you nightmares

May 26th, 2016 Asian Cinema, Comedy, Singapore Film Marcus Goh 11 min read

Cosplaying sounds fairly simple to grasp – dress up as the character you like! You might need some more time to source for props, since it’s not like there are many online blogshops that have cosplay costumes in multiple sizes (PSA: Be careful when ordering from these online cosplay blogshops, because many of them do shoddy work which look nothing like their pictures). And you can wear…

The Faith of Anna Waters

6 things we’re all pantang about as Singaporeans

May 10th, 2016 Horror, Singapore Film Marcus Goh 9 min read

As Singaporeans, we’re acutely aware that there’s another supernatural realm that exists alongside. Hence all our superstitions like not giving clocks as presents or wearing red to a funeral. But there are some things that we’re all universally pantang about, regardless of race, language, or religion. Break one of these taboos and you’ll find yourself dealing with the wrath of humans and non-humans alike! So…

Ah Feng (Charmaine Sei) looks at Complain King Ah Kun (Mark Lee), with disapproving Ah Ma (Ng Suan Loi) in Long Long Time Ago 2. Credit: Golden Village Pictures

Real events we’d like Jack Neo to cover in Long Long Time Ago 3, 4, 5 and 6

Apr 11th, 2016 Asian Cinema, Comedy, Singapore Film Marcus Goh 6 min read

If you were sad that Long Long Time Ago 2 marked the end of Zhao Di and her family’s adventures, then you’d be happy to know that there could be a Long Long Time Ago 3, 4, 5 and beyond! At a press conference last month, Ng Say Yong, chief content officer of MM2 Entertainment,  said that they had planned for four instalments of Long Long…

The Jungle Book. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Who should be voice actors in a Singaporean remake of The Jungle Book?

Apr 8th, 2016 Animation, Child-friendly, Singapore Film Marcus Goh 9 min read

The Jungle Book is almost entirely made up of CGI characters, which makes it very easy to localise for foreign countries. Just introduce a new set of voice actors and you’ve got a film in a whole different language that looks believable (since lip synching isn’t required). So how about a Singapore version of The Jungle Book? We could have it set in the MacRitchie…

7 types of Singaporeans that span all eras

Apr 2nd, 2016 Asian Cinema, GV Exclusive, Singapore Film Marcus Goh 8 min read

Long Long Time Ago 2 continues the adventures of long-suffering housewife Zhao Di in the 70s, and is the sequel to last month’s Long Long Time Ago. If you’ve watched the film, you’ll notice something peculiar about Singapore – no matter what time period you’re in, you’ll always see the same few types of Singaporeans. It’s like they’re somehow a part of Singapore’s DNA. That’s…

Local musicians at The Songs We Sang: Blog Aloud.

Local musicians talk about xinyao at The Songs We Sang: Blog Aloud

Mar 31st, 2016 Arthouse, Asian Cinema, Documentary, Event, GV Exclusive, Singapore Film Marcus Goh 7 min read

Xinyao fans from across Singapore attended The Songs We Sang: Blog Aloud session last week on March 22, where director Eva Tong and four of Singapore’s best young musicians held a dialogue session about the music scene in Singapore. Shigga Shay, Inch Chua, Diya Tan, and Carrie Yeo joined xinyao enthusiasts of all ages in a special preview screening of The Songs We Sang. While the four singers…

The Songs We Sang

If you’re from the Xinyao era, these 6 memories will strike a chord with you

Mar 23rd, 2016 Asian Cinema, Documentary, GV Exclusive, Singapore Film Marcus Goh 8 min read

Xinyao is one of the few music genres that Singaporeans can legitimately call their own. With its distinctive styles and relatable lyrics, xinyao songs are proof that Singaporeans are a creative bunch. Xinyao, written as 新谣 in Chinese, is actually the first and last characters of the term “新加坡歌谣,” (pronounced xin jia po ge yao). It literally means Singapore songs, even though they’re mostly in Chinese….

5 reasons why Jack Neo’s 2016 movie is different from his other films

Mar 3rd, 2016 Singapore Film Rachel Chan 7 min read

It’s almost a given – box office veteran director Jack Neo will release a movie almost every year. From themes ranging from libido to education to national service, Neo always manages to find topics which strike a chord in the hearts of Singaporean heartlanders. But his works have sometimes been panned by critics, who say that Neo’s way of bringing his message across to audiences…