Unless you are starring in a movie, drama is the last thing you would want on your big day. Luckily for Singaporean actor Desmond Tan (陈泂江), his character in his first leading movie role is dogged by madcap drama. The 31-year-old beefcake plays the harried groom in the latest Singapore feature film, The Big Day, and Taiwanese actress Amber An (安心亚) is his long-suffering bride . 

Helmed by local director Lee Thean-jeen 李天仁, this romantic-comedy movie also stars getai comedienne Liu Ling Ling, veteran actor Richard Low, Taiwanese actor Michael Huang Chung Kun and YouTube star Hirzi Zulkiflie.

The Big Day tells the story of  Shu Yu (Amber An) and Nuo Yan (Desmond Tan), a loving couple who want a simple wedding, but the celebration gets messy when their parents and bridesmaids start to complicate matters for their own selfish gains – from the absurd gatecrash games in the morning to the disastrous dinner banquet in the evening. 

In real life, the two leading artistes shared that they hope their own wedding will be a simple affair marked by an inelaborate meal with their loved ones. “As long as I am able to marry the man I love, it doesn’t matter where the wedding may be,” shared An, who plays a diving instructor in her first Singaporean movie.

The 32-year-old Taiwanese actress-singer imagined this wedding proposal scenario: “I imagine myself sleeping soundly on the bed and being awoken by my boyfriend. The moment I open my eyes, he goes down on one knee and pops the question.” Laughing, she added, “I like that kind of surprise, it is so romantic!”

For Tan, who has been with his long-time girlfriend, would only say “All is bliss” when the media asked about his love life. He shared that he would like to propose when he is overseas with his girlfriend, in front of a few close friends and family members. 

Desmond Tan and Amber An at the press conference. Credit: Golden Village Pictures' Facebook

Desmond Tan and Amber An at the press conference for The Big Day. Credit: Golden Village Pictures – Film Distribution Facebook page

But Tan’s private life did not interfere with his professionalism, as it was obvious that he shared an unspoken chemistry with An onscreen and off – the result of the director’s “matchmaking”. Locking lips – not to mention tying the knot – with a total stranger can be awkward, so director Lee organised a few “dates” for the movie leads to get to know each other better. They spent a day at Universal Studios Singapore and had a few meals together, on top of table reads and rehearsals. Tan also shared that as part of the process, they were locked in a room together for a long period of time. “TJ (director Thean-jeen) wanted us to write a fictional diary about our ‘first times’, like the first time we met, our first date, first kiss, and so on,” shared Tan, who recently bagged the Best Actor award at this year’s Mediacorp Star Awards.

It was clear that director Lee’s method worked. The two leading actors of The Big Day bantered and sang praises of each other at the press conference held at the Hotel InterContinental on Monday. As they poured champagne onto a pyramid of glasses onstage, it was really as if the journalists present were attending their wedding ceremony. 

“I feel that Amber is a really ideal partner because she is perfect – be it professionally as an actor, or a virtuous lady who takes care of the people around her,” said Tan.

He added: “I don’t really know if you can consider chauvinism a positive factor. I hope that my wife will not need to work so that I can take care of her, but if she wants to, I am not stopping her.”

That seemed to go down well with An, who said, “I hope my future husband will be a caring and an attentive gentleman who is able to share interesting stories and anecdotes about his life. I would like him to be a little chauvinistic as well. As to why I am ‘wife material’, I can make my husband laugh and I don’t like to pick a fight. I don’t need him to cook because I can take care of that… that makes me a good partner.”

L-R: Director Lee Thean-Jeen, Richard Low, Desmond Tan, Amber An, Liu Ling Ling and Hirzi Zulkiflie. Credit: Golden Village Pictures - Film Distribution Facebook

From left to right: Director Lee Thean-Jeen, Richard Low, Desmond Tan, Amber An, Liu Ling Ling and Hirzi Zulkiflie. Credit: Golden Village Pictures – Film Distribution Facebook page

If you are a fan of weddings or a romantic at heart, don’t miss The Big Day (简单的婚礼), which opens in theatres July 21, 2018.


Credits: Golden Village Pictures – Film Distribution Facebook page


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