If you’re a true fan of Ryan Gosling, then you’ll followed his adventures ever since he appeared on television screens in 1999 as Young Hercules. In fact, he’s been hitting screens ever since he was 12, since he starred in the 1993 revival of The Mickey Mouse Club! Ever since then, his career has been on an upward trajectory, progressing from The Notebook to La La Land and then Blade Runner 2049, and now First Man!

But sorry ladies, he was snatched up by Eva Mendes in 2011 before they secretly got married in 2016. Despite that, people have been shipping Gosling with many different women over his career. Of all the different actresses he’s starred opposite, which one has had the most chemistry with Gosling?

Here are the many actresses that have been linked to Gosling over the years. Who’s your favourite?


1. Emma Stone

The pair have been in three movies playing lovelorn couples, proving that they’re still everyone’s favourite pairing. But it’s probably the infamous scene in Crazy Stupid Love which really cemented their status as an onscreen couple. That scene still gets memed and circulated even to this very day.

They later went on to act in Gangster Squad and La La Land, becoming a fan favourite couple of many. You can’t deny their chemistry – but maybe they’re a little too perfect as a couple. Both of them are incredibly gorgeous people. That doesn’t make them any less attractive, though.


2. Rachel McAdams

Despite his sizzling chemistry with Emma Stone, it was his fictional romance with Rachel McAdams that really launched his career (in a Nicholas Sparks movie, to boot). Most of the world first noticed him in The Notebook, a romantic drama that put both of them in wet clothes and splashed a photo of the smooching on the poster.

Not only did it showcase Rachel McAdams’ range (she starred in comedy Mean Girls two years prior to The Notebook), it also gave her a new real-life boyfriend in the form of Ryan Gosling when they got together after the film. Oddly enough, the pair hated each other while filming – but then, love and hate are but different sides of the same coin, after all..


3. Sandra Bullock

However, there was a time when Ryan Gosling was the beau of a cougar – Sandra Bullock. The pair dated right after they acted together in 2002’s Murder by Numbers, not letting a 16 year age gap daunt them (he was 22 at the time). Bullock played a detective who was after Gosling’s murderer character in the film, which was a loose adaptation of a real-life murder case.

Psychological studies have shown that being together in nervous, scary situations can cause people to love each other – which is probably why Gosling and Bullock got together. All those tense scenes together must have really stirred some emotions between them!


4. Ana de Armas

In Blade Runner 2049, replicant hunter K (Ryan Gosling) has a relationship with virtual girlfriend Joi (Ana de Armas), who is nothing more than a realistic hologram governed by an AI. It was an uncanny look at the possible progression of human relationships in the future, especially given the speedy evolution of adult videos.

Basically, Ryan Gosling was having a relationship with an incredibly realistic sex robot – but that didn’t stop it from feeling genuine. It was especially heartbreaking when [spoilers] Joi died later in the film [spoilers], sacrificing herself to save K.


5. Claire Foy

In biographical drama First Man, Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong while Claire Foy plays his onscreen wife, Janet Shearon. The film centres around the first Moon landing (which people are still claiming was faked, sigh) (but at least that’s better than propagating flat earth beliefs).

As Janet Shearon, Claire Foy plays the no-nonsense, tough-as-nails wife of Neil Armstrong, dishing it out like it is. Her response to the swaggering bravado of the astronauts is that “you’re a bunch of boys, you don’t have anything under control!” – which really captures the essence of her character.

However, the real Janet Shearon passed away earlier this year, on June 21. May she rest in peace along with Neil Armstrong – and may First Man do justice to them both.

First Man. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

First Man. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

How will Ryan Gosling fare in one of the biggest movies of his career? Well, we know that he’s in the good hands of Damien Chazelle, who directed the Academy Award-winning La La Land (that Ryan Gosling starred in). This raw and poignant account of one of humanity’s greatest achievements will shed light on the sacrifices required to put a man on the Moon.

Will First Man win an Academy Award? The hard-hitting duo of Chazelle and Gosling will definitely give us a film to remember – and maybe a new sweetheart (Claire Foy) for us to ship Gosling with.


Credit: Golden Village Cinemas


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