ThePoppingPost.com is part of the Alvinology Media (AM) group of websites that delivers over 1 million page views each month to readers from around Asia, particularly in Singapore.

AM group consists of:

Alvinology.com – news, gossip, entertainment, travel, food, lifestyle

Asia361.com – accessible luxury, travel, lifestyle

Salary.sg – finance, investment

Getgoparents.com  – parenting, family

ThePoppingPost.com – movies, entertainment

The first four sites are syndicated with Singtel Newsloop while Alvinology, Asia 361 and The Popping Post are syndicated with Yahoo! News.

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Alvinology Media LLP is a subsidiary of the Originally.US group of companies. We also do digital and social media marketing. If you are interested to work with us, contact Alvin or Claudia at [email protected] or [email protected]