We’ve all wanted super powers at some point – but it’s a lonely life, being a superhero. You’ve got to keep your identity a secret to prevent your friends and family from being hurt, and there’s nobody you can tell your problems to.

That’s why the best thing you can wish for is for your whole family to have super powers! Imagine fighting crime alongside your family members, using a myriad of exceptional abilities. There are no hidden secrets when you’re part of a super family.

So here are some ficitional famlies we’d love to join. Which one would you pick?


1. The Fantastic Four

If you’re not sure who are the Fantastic Four, the opening introduction from the 90’s animated series tells you everything you need to know within a minute. Admittedly, the opening sounds like it was set to a 90’s exercise video (remember when that was all the rage?), but that’s part of the whole charm of the Fantastic Four – they’re a cheesy but wholesome family from an era where things were much simpler. They were made up of:

  • Mr Fantastic – a super genius who had a stretchy body like rubber
  • Invisible Woman – she could turn invisible and create forcefields
  • Human Torch – he could create fire and fly
  • The Thing – he was super tough and super strong
The Fantastic Four. Credit: Pinterest

The Fantastic Four. Credit: Pinterest

According to comic book lore, the Fantastic Four was created by Stan Lee as a response to DC’s Justice League back in the early 60’s. At that point in time, Stan Lee hadn’t created any of the incredibly popular Marvel heroes that we know today, so he had to create an entire team of original characters. What resulted was something pretty different from the Justice League, since the Fantastic Four were (mostly) blood relatives.

The New Fantastic Four. Credit: ComicVine

The New Fantastic Four. Credit: ComicVine

They were so popular that at one time, when they “died” (they were actually captured), Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider joined forces to temporarily become the New Fantastic Four until the old Fantastic Four returned.

If even Spider-Man wanted to join the Fantastic Four family, we mere mortals would definitely be raring to join them too!


2. The Bionic Six

The Bionic Six. Credit: IMDB

The Bionic Six. Credit: IMDB

In the heyday of 80’s cartoons, the Bionic Six stood out for its diversity. They were a family who had been given super powers through bionic enhancements – but wait, how did Caucasian parents Jack and Helen give birth to an African-American teen and a Japanese boy?

It turns out that these two children were adopted, allowing for a truly diverse family to appear on screen. The toys were pretty memorable for the time too, because they had transparent limbs to represent the bionic enhancements that were given to each of the family members.

Bionic Six toys. Credit: FigureFan Zero

Bionic Six toys. Credit: FigureFan Zero

They were:

  • Bionic-1 – the father, who had bionic senses and could shoot eye beams
  • Mother-1 – the mother, who had ESP
  • Sport-1 – his powers were sports-themed, but they mostly consisted of him hitting things with a baseball bat
  • Rock-1 – she had super speed
  • IQ – he had super strength and super intelligence (the best of both worlds!)
  • Karate-1 – he had super martial arts skills

The best part about the Bionic Six is that their powers were given to them through bionic enhancements – meaning that you could feasibly be part of the Bionic Six too, if you got the same enhancements!


3. The Asgardians

Thor: Ragnarok. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Thor: Ragnarok. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Everyone’s favourite Norse god, Thor, also has a pretty interesting family tree. He is a god, after all, so it would stand to reason that all his family members have godlike abilities. But since they are gods, they each have a portfolio (like a minister) of sorts, which means that they have additional super powers in addition to their godlike abilities (meaning enhanced lifespans, physical prowess, and some degree of magic).

Do you know what are the domains of each of Thor’s family members? Here they are:

  • Odin – king of the gods
  • Frigga – queen of the gods
  • Thor – god of thunder
  • Loki – god of mischief
  • Hela – god of death

Even being a distant relative of Thor’s family would be awesome – it would mean that you’d be, at the very least, a demigod!


4. The Stronghold family

Sky High was a superhero film by Disney that came out before this current era of superhero films. It sees Will Stronghold, the son of the two most popular superheroes in the world, attending a school for superheroes – with the caveat that his super powers haven’t emerged yet. Since superheroes don’t always pass their super-powered genes to their progeny, Will’s worry was that he might not have super powers.

Of course, he eventually does acquire some powers of his own. It’s a little bit of a spoiler, but here are the powers of the Stronghold family:

  • The Commander – super strength and invulnerability
  • Jetstream – flight
  • Will Stronghold – their son, who has inherited all of his parents’ powers

Being part of the Stronghold family would mean you’d also get to attend a school for superheroes, too!


5. The Potter family

We’ve all wanted to be a wizard at some point when we all got caught up in Harry Potter’s universe, even as J.K. Rowling was in the midst of creating it in the late 1990’s to the noughties. By the time she was finally done with the last and seventh book in the series, Harry got our vote of confidence that he would be an excellent dad to any children he would father with Ginny Weasley, the only sister of his best friend, Ron. Given that Harry had a miserable childhood living with the Dursleys, he’d definitely want to be a good parent to any children under his care.

Being a part of the Potter family would mean having Chocolate Frogs every day! Plus, you’d have celebrity parents. Here are the members of the Potter family:

  • Harry Potter – talented at flying on broomsticks and Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Ginny Weasley – talented at flying on broomsticks as well, and in the use of the Patronus Charm
  • James Sirius Potter – their eldest son
  • Albus Severus Potter – their second son
  • Lily Luna Potter – their daughter


6. The Parr family

The Parrs are The Incredibles, a super-powered family with secret identities. Unfortunately, circumstances force them to lead a quiet life away from any superheroics until a great danger arises that threatens all superheroes.

The Parrs were loud, colourful and fun to be with – and they delighted in their super powers the way normal people would. They were:

  • Mr Incredible – super strength and invulnerability
  • Elastigirl – a stretchy body like rubber
  • Violet – she could turn invisible and create forcefields
  • Dash – super speed
  • Jack-Jack – shapeshifting, teleportation, and many other undefined powers

The best part is – at the end of The Incredibles, the family went back to the superhero limelight, battling crime in the light of day.

The Incredibles 2. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

The Incredibles 2. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

And this week, The Incredibles return in Incredibles 2! They have to deal with devious new conspiracies in this exciting sequel, which sees Elastigirl being chosen as the public spokesperson for all superheroes. Unfortunately, this leaves poor Mr Incredible stuck at home taking care of the kids, a task he’s not particularly good at.

But it turns out that they’re all pawns in a much more sinister scheme. Will the Parr family be able to defeat this new foe, or is this the end of all superheroes everywhere?

Find out in Incredibles 2!


Credit: Pinterest, ComicVine, IMDB, FigureFan Zero, Golden Village Cinemas


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