If you had one phrase to describe Will Ferrell, what would it be? Besides tall, or white, or curly (his hair).

It would be funny, right? Will Ferrell is a pretty funny guy. He cut his teeth on Saturday Night Live on 1995 and stayed on for seven years. Seven years! The average Millennial doesn’t even stay in a job for more than two years, and Will Ferrell spent 3.5 times more than that amount of time on Saturday Night Live. No wonder he’s managed to top Forbes’ Most Overpaid Actors for two years in a row at one point.

So what is it about Will Ferrell that makes him so… funny? We take a look at some of his best movie roles and see why he’s one of the funniest guys on film.

1. Mugatu in Zoolander and Zoolander 2

You can’t deny that Mugatu gets some of the best lines in the Zoolander series (there are two movies, it counts as a series!). His outrageous hair, over-the-top lines, and nonsensical demands make him a flamboyant supervillain that only two supermodels can take down.

Even his name gets some guffaws. Try saying “Mugatu” to a two-year-old and see if that doesn’t elicit some baby talk back. The only supervillain funnier than him would be Dr Evil and even so, it would be a close fight between those two mega-funny megalomaniacs.


2. Chazz in Blades of Glory

Chazz, or Chazz Michael Michaels, if you want to go by his full name, was the villain in Blades of Glory, a figure skating comedy. Notice how Will Ferrell immediately pitches his voice lower, makes his movements gruffer, and pulls back his performance  in Blades of Glory, as compared to his wacky, outrageous antics in Zoolander.

They’re two completely different performances and characters, yet they’re both just as funny. He turns into a complete sleazebag that’s unrecognisable from the whiny, screamy Mugatu of Zoolander, but manages to get a chuckle from us either way.


3. Buddy in Elf

Admittedly, Will Ferrell was a little too old to be playing a supposedly “young” elf in Elf, and he did come across a little pervy as a manchild (since he was more man than child). Still, as Buddy the Elf, he managed to convey a sort of earnestness to his role as a naive manchild learning to navigate the human world for the first time.

Also, did you catch Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) as a human who gets mistaken for an elf in Elf?


4. Lord Business in The Lego Movie

As Lord Business in The Lego Movie, Lord Business did all the evil villain-y things that we used to do with our own Lego sets. What makes him hilarious is how he mispronounces all the everyday things as mystical relics, like a plaster as the Cloak of Ban-Daiyaid and nail polish as the Poh Leash Remover of Nayil.

And of course, the eventual reveal of the real-life identity of Lord Business, the father of the boy who’s been playing with all the Lego sets, was both funny and a little heart-wrenching too.


5. Mustafa in the Austin Powers series

One of the most racially offensive (and completely unnecessary) characters that Will Ferrell has ever played, Mustafa was funny not just because he shares the name of a famous 24-hour shopping centre in Singapore. No, it’s because Mustafa would just keep talking and talking and talking after being severely injured.

And he has so many weird psychological hangups, too!


6. Scott in The House

And in The House, Will Ferrell plays broke father who needs to scrounge together enough money to send is daughter to college. He’s so incredibly passive that it’s hilarious. He claims to not care about whether his daughter gets into his alma mater, Buckley University, but we later find out he’s been secretly wearing a Buckley University t-shirt all this while (in preparation to celebrate).

The House. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

The House. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

So what happens in The House? Well, Will Ferrell’s character, Scott, must open an illegal casino together with his wife Kate (played by the amazing Amy Poehler). They’ll be able to get the money they need in a month, but only if they keep it a secret from their daughter (and the authorities).

Will they succeed? Will they find another, better way of earning money (please e-mail me if you have better ideas too, I need the money) (also I have several lots of shares I could sell you)?

Better not bet against The House and check it out to be sure.


Credit: Golden Village Cinemas