If you’ve ever watched Alien before, you’ll remember that they’re giant, virtually unstoppable creatures that are a mess of slime and bone and fluids that are clearly out of this world. Only Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) could stop them, and even so, things didn’t go all that well for her either.

The problem is that the Aliens were a lot more than just that giant slimey insectoid creature. They have six distinct forms, and each one is possibly even more disgusting than the previous one. If you’re going to be catching Alien: Covenant in cinemas, you’re going to want a primer on the disgusting aliens in the film. It’s good to know what will be eviscerating those hapless (and foolish) astronauts in this outer space horror flick.

1. Queen 

The Queen. Credit: Gareth Remmelts‎ Facebook Profile

The Queen. Credit: Gareth Remmelts‎ Facebook Profile

It all starts with the Queen. Arguably this means that the Aliens are a matriarchal society, which makes them a twisted counterpoint to Ripley (who, well, finds out that her daughter is dead in Aliens, the second movie). So the weird fact about Queens is that they’re clearly female. How do we know?

Look at her feet. She has heels. High heels.

Even millions of light years away, females still wear high heels. Guess they’re not so Alien after all.

2. Egg (Ovomorphs)

Eggs. Credit: Alien Facebook Page

Eggs. Credit: Alien Facebook Page

What do giant Alien Queens lay? Eggs, of course. Would you rather see her give birth? Don’t answer that.

The problem with Alien eggs is that they actually hide Facehuggers inside. Those Facehuggers leap out and attack when a human being comes too close. Like you or me. Or, you know, the poor crew of Covenant (which is the name of the colony ship that our soon-t0-be-dead heroes are on).

Eggs were originally designed by H. R. Giger to have a more vaginal appearance to them, given the whole matriarchal theme, we suppose. However, the producers reacted as expected and asked him to tone down the whole reproductive organ theme that he had going on, as they were worried that religious countries would take offence.

Giger compiled. Then he put a cross in the form of four lobes on the egg, as a… message, we guess? We guess he wasn’t too happy, but this was a strange form of revenge to take.


3. Facehugger

Facehuggers. Credit: ALIEN - Singapore Facebook Page

Facehuggers. Credit: ALIEN – Singapore Facebook Page

Everyone’s favourite alien form is the Facehugger. Its name spells out everything – it leaps out and hugs your face. If there’s anything more terrifying than an Alien, it’s an Alien who’s virtually trying to smooch you to death.

What the Facehugger is actually doing is that it’s implanting an Alien embryo with its long, disgusting kiss. Most of the time, a person doesn’t realise that an embryo is being implanted, and survives the horrifying encounter with the Alien. Yes, the victim not only gets a big wet smooch from an Alien, but he or she also survives the encounter.

Unfortunately, Facehugger victims survive because they are now harbouring –


4. Chestburster

Chestburster art. Credit: AdrianArt Facebook Page

Chestburster art. Credit: AdrianArt Facebook Page

As with the Facehugger, the Chestburster’s name explains everything. Did a Facehugger, well, hug your face? Then it dumped an egg in you, which means it will travel to your chest, which means that it will burst from your chest in a horrific mess of blood and guts and gore.

Here’s a cool chestburster scene, in case you’ve forgotten what that entails, visually. Remember it well, because it’s probably the most iconic scene in the Alien series.


5. Adult 

An adult alien. Credit: ALIEN - Singapore Facebook Page

An adult Alien. Credit: ALIEN – Singapore Facebook Page

So what happens to that chestburster after it’s done murderising its former host? It doesn’t just stay stuck in the chest, after all. It runs away where it grows from a 30cm creature to something that’s almost 3 m tall. Or taller. In a matter of hours.

All those horrible things the Aliens have been doing are for this sole purpose – to become a fully grown adult Alien. And once they’re big enough, they’re going to haunt you and stalk you and make sure that if those Facehuggers and Chestbursters didn’t get you, they will.


6. Stapler Alien


Finally, the most grotesque form an Alien can take is… a stapler?

Have you ever noticed how much an Alien looks like a stapler? It’s almost uncanny. It’s almost as if they were already here on Earth, hiding amongst us, trying their best to be an innocuous, everyday object… before laying their eggs and starting their life cycle anew.

Alien Covenant. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Alien Covenant. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Instead of Sigourney Weaver though, we have Michael Fassbender taking down those disgusting Aliens in Alien: Covenant since the ship itself, Covenant, finds itself in an uncharted paradise. All those astronauts soon find out why a place which seems like a paradise can still be uncharted and not have a Starbucks.

Because of Aliens.


Credits: Gareth Remmelts Facebook Profile, Alien Facebook Page, ALIEN – Singapore Facebook Page, AdrianArt Facebook Page, ALIEN – Singapore Facebook Page, Golden Village Cinemas