Have you ever fallen in love before? It’s such a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes your day, filling it with flowery scents and positive sunshine until you discover one critical problem. That person doesn’t love you back, and has put you in the Friend Zone.

This used to be romantised in literature as “unrequited love” – a beautiful, haunting concept. However, if we’re to be honest… “unrequited love” doesn’t quite capture the essence of loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Being stuck in the Friend Zone sounds like a much more apt description, since it feels like you’re trapped in some artificial barrier that you can never break out of – just like Palm in the latest Thai hit flick Friend Zone.

Even movie characters aren’t immune to this – despite their insanely good looks and abilities, they can also get Friend Zoned. What hope does that leave for us mere mortals? So if you’d like to shatter your own confidence, here are several gorgeous movie characters who got stuck in the dreaded Friend Zone.


1. Professor Snape in the Harry Potter film series

In the early days of Harry Potter, nobody knew if Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) was good or evil. There were all those debates going on about Snape’s character and his allegiance was oh-so-ambiguous.

Except that… it was pretty obvious he was one of J.K. Rowling’s favourite characters and he was always meant to be one of the protagonists of the series. Why? Well, he was pining after Lily Potter, of course. The poor guy had been friend zoned by Harry Potter’s mum from young, and we later found out that he even got bullied by Harry Potter’s dad when they were schoolmates. Just look at how he was led on by Lily when they were kids. The poor guy never had a chance.

Professor Snape was firmly in the friend zone from day one. That’s how we knew he was one of the heroes – friend-zoned characters are always the protagonists in a story.


2. Tinker Bell in Peter Pan (1953)

Before Peter Pan met Wendy, he lived in Never Land with the Lost Boys and Tinker Bell for a number of years. Tinker Bell could have had her pick of guys, but she picked Peter Pan. (Although, if we’re to be honest, we wouldn’t pick any of the Lost Boys either.) But she’s a fairy (even though she’s a pretty hot fairy) and Peter’s human. It would never have worked out. Still, she hung around Peter, and Peter never discouraged her –  after all, she was his only female companion!

Then he met Wendy and the other Darling children – and that’s when Tinker Bell’s fangs came out. The poor fairy had been friend zoned for ages, but she probably didn’t know because there weren’t any other women around to compete with her. Although Wendy eventually went home, we knew that Tinker Bell would never make it with Peter. Poor girl.


3. Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings film series

Eowyn (Miranda Otto) holds the distinct honour of being the one who defeated the Witch King of Angmar (Lawrence Makoare) in The Return of the King – because no man could defeat the villain, and Eowyn was no man.

She had the hots for Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) in the film. She was really into him, even creeping out in the dead of the night to confront a departing Aragorn and confessing her feelings to him. But we all know that Aragorn was into elves, and so poor Eowyn got friend zoned. But it all turned out well in the end – Eowyn ended up with Faramir (David Wenham), and Aragorn got together with Arwen (Liv Tyler).


4. Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy

In Episode II: The Empire Strikes Back, there was some semblance of a love triangle between Luke (Mark Hamill), Leia (Carrie Fisher), and Han (Harrison Ford) – because George Lucas hadn’t quite figured out that Luke and Leia were meant to be siblings. That resulted in the scene the Lucas would eventually come to regret for the rest of his life – the kiss between Luke and Leia.

Understandably, Leia had to choose Han and friend zone her brother – who wouldn’t? But still, that does kind of mean Luke got friend zoned – and as we saw in Episode VII: The Last Jedi, he remained single for the rest of his life.


5. Palm in Friend Zone

Guess what happens in Friend Zone? Palm (Naphat ‘Nine’ Siangsomboon) is friend zoned by his best friend, Gink (Pimchanok ‘Baifern’ Luevisadpaibul) for the bulk of the movie. It’s not for lack of trying though – it’s just that she’s completely and absolutely oblivious. And if we’re to be honest… she’s also a little self-centred too.

Poor Palm. We all know you can do better.

Friend Zone. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Friend Zone. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

However, Palm eventually makes an effort to get out of the Friend Zone in the film and starts wooing Gink – who isn’t quite sure if she wants their relationship to change. In this romantic comedy, we see how two best friends eventually become… something else. Is Palm successful in his attempt to go after Gink, or will their relationship be irrevocably damaged? Does escaping the Friend Zone mean that they’ll never be friends again?

Find out what happens when you leave the Friend Zone.


Credit: Golden Village Cinemas


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