Trolls were a huge phenomenon back in the 90’s. For some reason, they were everywhere, and almost every Singaporean had one. And it was completely inexplicable! They’re scary looking gnomes with frighteningly long and lifelike hair. Maybe they became popular because they bucked the trend – after all, people were buying Pet Rocks back in the 70’s too.

So everyone started to do the same thing with their Trolls. You may not have your Trolls now, but I’m sure you can remember abusing you Trolls in the following ways. If you think about it, Trolls are actually a safe, common topic that can be used as a conversation starter amongst strangers, sort of like how NS is to guys who don’t know each other. The next time you meet a stranger, try chatting them up by asking what they did with their Trolls toys. You’ll be surprised by how much you have in common!

1. Lose all their clothes

Where are their clothes? Credit: Children of the 90s

Where are their clothes? Credit: Children of the 90s

If you still own one of your childhood Trolls, chances are, they are completely naked. That’s because most of them came with actual cloth outfits (as opposed to moulded in clothes, like modern plastic toys). This meant that they could be removed. And as kids, you know what happens when you’re given a removable accessory with a toy. You lose it.

Many Trolls also came naked by default, which just adds to the whole confusion. Was your Troll originally naked, or was it dressed but lost its clothes? You may never know.

2. Pull out the hair

Hair hair hair. Credit: Retroland

Hair hair hair. Credit: Retroland

One of the highlights of the Trolls was that it had fairly realistic hair. In fact, I daresay the quality of the Trolls’ hair was comparable to that of Barbie’s hair. It was soft and pliable, and could be styled in as many ways as you could imagine. Unfortunately, Trolls weren’t marketed solely to girls (unlike Barbie). This meant that their long hair ended up in the hands of destructive boys. So you know what happened next.

Yep, that’s the reason why your long lost Troll might be naked and bald.

3. Give them as presents to girlfriends/boyfriends

This is the perfect gift... for the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Credit: Pinterest

This is the perfect gift… for the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Credit: Pinterest

Trolls were wonderful gifts to people you were trying to jio because… I don’t know, actually. Suffice it to say that because they were so popular, people thought that it would be delightful to receive a Troll, and gifted them to many an unsuspecting significant other. This was probably the closest any boy got to being romantic, since a Troll is sort of like a soft toy, but manlier.

But it sure is creepy to have a Troll look over you while you are sleeping.

4. Poke their eyes

Those eyes... Credit: Penn Pickers

Those eyes… Credit: Penn Pickers

Trolls had these big, slightly demonic black eyes, and they somehow looked like they might be real. Hence, a lot of poking resulted as kids attempted to find out what those eyes were made of. Some of those Trolls had eyes jabbed so hard that they were a little sunken in, to be honest. If you thought you couldn’t make your Trolls toy any creepier, you were wrong. Trolls with sunken-in eyes were even more terrifying.

5. Throw them at siblings

Whoever throws the Troll, wins. Credit: New Kids-Center

Whoever throws the Troll, wins. Credit: New Kids-Center

Since Trolls weren’t soft toys, they weren’t made out of soft plastic. In fact, their plastic had to be of substantial thickness because they were meant to stand up by themselves. That meant that they made for very good projectiles. And if you had sibling, you would usually throw your Troll at them as a joke, out of anger, or just because.

Have you been hit by a Troll before? Those things are painful!

Trolls. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Trolls. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Trolls make a comeback in Trolls, a movie which sees the titular toys come to life in an animated film of prismatic proportions! The Trolls face their greatest threat, the Bergens, and must find a way to live in peace with their enormous predators or face extinction!

Will we see a whole new line of Trolls toys in the future?


Credits: Children of the 90s, Retroland, Pinterest, Penn Pickers, New Kids-Center, Golden Village Cinemas