Jackie Chan is one of those rare individuals who has found something he’s good at, keeps doing it, and makes loads of money from it – playing a character who fights incredibly well and speaks halting English (for English films like the Rush Hour or The Foreigner) or a simply a dude with funny and amazing martial arts skills (for Chinese movies like Skiptrace or Kung Fu Yoga).

While other actors might complain they have been typecast, Jackie Chan seems to wholeheartedly embrace the (rather narrow) range of characters he plays and dives into them with gusto. I mean, look at the man! He’s genuinely happy to be playing the sorts of characters he’s been playing.

But maybe, you know, he could try out other roles? I mean, we love Jackie Chan as an actor. Who doesn’t? So even if he tries out something new and it doesn’t work out, we’d still like him. We’d cheer on his efforts.

So, Mr Chan, here are some roles we’d like to see you try out. We promise we’ll be supportive!


1. A character who is fluent in English

Jackie Chan’s English is famously… not fluent. To be precise, he doesn’t speak like he has a firm grasp of English grammatical rules, but after all, he’s usually hired to play roles where his character cannot or does not speak proper English, but can fight superbly.

But accent and dialect coaches can help an actor polish his or her delivery, and we’re betting a good language coach can help Jackie Chan to speak like a native. It might be difficult, true, but it’d really expand his range and show us that there’s more to Jackie Chan than just funny fisticuffs. So how about it? Who’d like to see Jackie Chan play a character who speaks impeccable English?


2. An inept fighter

Jackie Chan actually did play an clumsy oaf in The Tuxedo – but a specially designed tuxedo gave him the ability to fight well. So it’s not like he hasn’t played a character in a similar vein before.

But what we’d like to see is Jackie Chan not exhibit an iota of martial arts skills for an entire movie. He could subtly still be able to defeat his enemies with “clumsy” actions that are actually skilful martial arts choreography (like in the clip above), but he wouldn’t explicitly show that he could fight. In fact, he should lose all one-on-one melee battles, but somehow win because of his ineptitude.

That’d be a fun film to see!


3. A Louis Cha/Jin Yong wuxia character

Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu. Credit: Pinterest

Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu. Credit: Pinterest

If you’ve watched or read Return of the Condor Heroes, then you’ll have seen a Jin Yong film before. He’s famous for writing copious wuxia novels and for popularising the dichotomy between innate internal strength and external fighting techniques when it comes to the genre. And his novels have been turned into many television series and films that are still popular to this day.

Isn’t strange that Jackie Chan doesn’t seem to appear in any of them?

I mean, he’d be the perfect actor to play one of Jin Yong’s characters. Maybe not the younger ones like Yang Guo or Zhang Wuji, but perhaps an older mentor like Hong Qigong, or even a villain like Yang Kang? He’s got the martial arts skills to actually depict one of those characters believably.

If the two unite, they’d make a movie that could break all box office hits.


4. A Romance of the Three Kingdoms character

Zhang Fei in Koei's Dynasty Warriors series. Credit: Koei Wiki

Zhang Fei in Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series. Credit: Koei Wiki

You know what else would be awesome? If Jackie Chan played a character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Someone fierce, like Zhang Fei or Lu Bu. He’s probably not suitable for a less aggressive character like Liu Bei or Zhuge Liang (although you never know, it’d be cool to see a Zhuge Liang who could fight as well as he could strategise), but he’s the right person to play such legendary characters.

And you know Jackie Chan would do such a character justice. I’d vote for Jackie Chan to play Zhang Fei (he doesn’t quite have the build of Lu Bu), and see him tear opponents apart on the battlefield.


5. A cerebral character

Jackie Chan as Master Wu in The Lego Ninjago Movie. Credit: Lego

Jackie Chan as Master Wu in The Lego Ninjago Movie. Credit: Lego

A cerebral character? Okay, hear me out. Jackie Chan is known more for his physical prowess than his intellectual cunning. So if he played against type and portrayed a character who had more brains than brawn, that’d be a surprising twist on what we normally see. He could still perform all his martial arts stunts, but attribute them to skilful manipulation of his environment rather than brute force.

He could also quote classic lines from Chinese or English literature. He’s played wise old sages before (like in The Lego Ninjago Movie), so this wouldn’t be too far from that.

Bleeding Steel. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Bleeding Steel. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Have you caught Jackie Chan’s latest character in Bleeding Steel? He plays a special forces agent who finds himself unwittingly protecting – and drawn to – a witness in a giant conspiracy that has recently resurfaced. We’re betting that blood will be drawn and that there’ll be clashing steel in this film, and from the looks of the poster – an aerial battle.

But don’t take our word for it. Catch Bleeding Steel for yourself over Christmas and judge for yourself!


Credits: Giphy, Golden Village Cinemas, Pinterest, Koei Wiki, Lego