Christmas is almost upon us, and that means the annual office Christmas party is here! I can already hear all those groans as the most uncomfortable executive event of the year rolls around. You have to make small talk with colleagues you don’t really want to talk to while eating carefully enough to make sure you don’t stain your shirt. Then there are those silly Christmas games that nobody really wants to participate in, and the dreaded Secret Santa where you have to buy a present that’s not too expensive but cheap enough to stay within the budget.

The only thing that could make it worse is if you have a bad boss. If you don’t know whether you’ve got a bad boss, do our quick test to find out.

A bad boss is the one person who can make the dreaded office Christmas party even worse. How? Check out these five practices of bad bosses at office Christmas parties, and tell us if you’ve seen any of them.

Chances are, you have.

1. They “split the bill”

"Boss, can pay for everything?" Credit: Affordable Bookkeeping Services Ltd. Facebook Page

“Boss, can pay for everything?” Credit: Affordable Bookkeeping Services Ltd. Facebook Page

Let’s be blunt – bosses are supposed to pay for office events. After all, we laugh at their jokes and they earn way more than us. Shouldn’t we be compensated a little for that unfairness?

Nope. Come Christmas time, you’ll hear the bad boss talking about how it’ll be fair to split the bill for the office Christmas party. Never mind that the intern earns 5% of what the bad boss makes – she will still expect the poor student to fork out their full share.

It’s the only time of the year you’ll hear the bad boss talk about being fair.

2. They get drunk

"Boss, you've had four pints already..." Credit: Travel Channel Facebook Page

“Boss, you’ve already had four pints…” Credit: Travel Channel Facebook Page

Sometimes, to ease the tension, a kind soul will bring alcohol to the office Christmas party. Everyone will have a sip of the social lubricant, and suddenly the office Christmas party is a lot more bearable. Fun, even.

Until the bad boss spots that bottle of alcohol and guzzles it like it’s free (which it is, sort of). The bad boss is now a drunk bad boss, which means they have even less inhibitions when it comes to being obnoxious. And it turns out the boss was being “nice” when he was sober – now he’s going to show you what it really means to be a bad boss.


3. They invite the entire company to an event meant for a department

"Er, boss, I think the whole company cannot fit in our meeting room." Credit: Jacobin Magazine Facebook Page

“Er, boss, I think the whole company cannot fit in our meeting room.” Credit: Jacobin Magazine Facebook Page

So maybe you’ve slogged hard to organise this Christmas party for your department. Just as you’ve finished catering food for 20, your bad boss sashays in, telling you that she’s invited 50 other people she met in the canteen, to your Christmas party. If you tell her there’s no space, she’ll tell the whole world that it’s you who doesn’t welcome them. If you agree, then it’s extra work for you.

In the end, your Christmas party ends up being some free food fiesta for random people in your company. And the best part is, your bad boss will want to be fair and “split the bill”. (Read above.) Ugh.

4. They ask their secretaries to get the present for their Secret Santa

"What did boss say the budget for my present was?" Credit: JamesBensen Facebook Page

“What did boss say the budget for my present was?” Credit: JamesBensen Facebook Page

As much as many of us dislike Secret Santas, you can’t deny that there are good intentions behind it. You get to know another colleague better, and (hopefully) make their day better with a well chosen present.

Unless you’re a bad boss, of course. A bad boss will arrow the secretary to get the present, and sometimes not even know who he’s being a Secret Santa for. However, you can be sure that he’ll take offence if his Secret Santa doesn’t get the perfect (read: expensive) gift for him.

If you’re lucky, sometimes the secretary will just ask you directly what you want.

5. They come after the party’s over… and complain that there’s no food.

"Sorry boss sorry boss I go buy food now don't be angry boss" Credit: Prabhas Fans. Facebook Page

“Sorry boss sorry boss I go buy food now don’t be angry boss” Credit: Prabhas Fans. Facebook Page

So some bad bosses are pretending to be really busy. They reach the party just as everyone has left and the caterers are back to clear the food. Then they complain that there’s no food for them, and storm off. If you’re the last one left in the room, congratulations. You now have to go down to the canteen to buy some food for them, or the whole department will incur their wrath.

Oh, did we mention that they’re usually the ones who arrow someone to organise the office Christmas party in the first place?

Office Christmas Party. Credit : Golden Village Cinemas

Office Christmas Party. Credit : Golden Village Cinemas

There are so many tales of office Christmas parties that it could be made into a movie – and surprise! There is a movie about office Christmas parties! It’s called (wait for it) Office Christmas Party, where a group of colleagues must organise the perfect Christmas party to save all of their jobs! Be prepared to see every office Christmas party anecdote you’ve ever heard of play out on the big screen.

And Merry Christmas!


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