For a tiny island, we have a surprisingly high number of ghosts – just Google the number of HDB flats that are haunted, and you’ll realise that the same block can harbour a good number of spirits. Prick up your ears and you’ll hear rumours about almost every location in Singapore, whether it be hearsay or the Internet. Even holy grounds aren’t exempt from them.

So here are five places that (we heard) ghosts have decided to immigrate to. You’ll definitely never see these places in the same light again!

1. NTU President’s Lodge

At the top of the hill. Credit: my world

At the top of the hill. Credit: my world

NTU is full of ghost stories (which university campus isn’t?), from toilets that would lock by themselves to mysterious hostel neighbours in empty rooms. But the most eerie has to be the President’s Lodge. Nowadays it’s got more security, but a decade ago it was pretty easy to check out the grounds late at night.

It’s situated on the hill, isolated from the rest of the campus, and there’s usually nobody staying there. To go up, you need to traverse a long and winding road up a deserted hill. It’s been rumoured that the swing in the garden will move by itself in the dead of the night, with nobody sitting on it.

It doesn’t help that there are several other haunted swings in NTU, and there was even a video of one circulating online in the early 2000s.

2. A famous convent girls’ school in the East area

A school. Credit: Project Innovations

The said school. Credit: Project Innovations

Rumour has it that there was a terrifying morning when the whole school was called to the assembly grounds after recess. Apparently, two girls were playing by an angelic statue in the back of the field when they looked up and saw that it had turned into a demonic visage. They were found crying and sobbing, and the whole school was activated to make sure that there was nobody else who had the same supernatural experience.

You’re not going to stare too long at statues after this.

3. A famous convent girls’ school in the Central area

Where is this? Credit: America Pink

Where is this? Credit: America Pink

Stories abound about the gym in the school, but almost every former (and current) student will have a variant of this ghost story. A ballerina (in some cases a gymnast) used to practice there, but she died (in some stories, she was a gymnast who fell off a balancing beam during training). Later on a picture of her was hung up near some wall-length mirrors. Sometimes you’d still see her practicing if you look into the mirror, and sometimes she would be moving in the pictures.

Don’t check your own reflection for too long next time.

4. yo:HA @ Ulu Pandan (formerly Ulu Pandan Camp)

Ulu Pandan Camp. Credit: Good Morning Singapore

Ulu Pandan Camp. Credit: Good Morning Singapore

Formerly an army camp, the place was built in 1958 to serve the First Singapore Infantry Regiment, rather than being a pre-war camp as many people think. Almost anyone who has served a decent amount of time in the camp will have a spooky story to share, but the most commonly told one is this: don’t go out into the carpark/parade square area at night because an old man will appear, squatting in the middle of the parade square.

He doesn’t do anything, but just appearing out of thin air in the wee hours of the morning is spooky enough.

5. Bedok Reservoir

What lies beneath? Credit: Just Run Lah!

What lurks beneath? Credit: Just Run Lah!

Although there have been stories of fish attacks in the reservoir, there’s hearsay that something larger and more sinister lurks beneath the depths. If you go down to the reservoir after 2 am, you just might be able to see it, with some sightings occurring at 5 am. Provoked or unprovoked, there’s one common element to all of them – the creature is huge.

The Loch Ness monster’s cousin, maybe?

The Conjuring 2. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

The Conjuring 2. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Listening to these stories already makes your hair stand – so what if you had to investigate ghosts for a living? That’s what Lorraine and Ed Warren have to do in The Conjuring 2, where they investigate a terrifying haunting.

Catch The Conjuring 2 in cinemas today!


Credits: my world, Project Innovation, America Pink, Good Morning Singapore, Just Run Lah!, Golden Village Cinemas