The Fast & Furious film franchise is basically a superhero show without superpowers (or an action film on steroids) – and we love it! What’s not to love about fast cars, insane stunts and high octane action? In fact, the series is so popular that it’s spun off two characters into their own movie – Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Only the Fast & Furious can turn bald men into paragons of masculinity and sexiness, like The Rock (who plays Luke Hobbs) and Jason Statham (who plays Deckard Shaw).

But the Fast & Furious universe is filled with all sorts of bald characters – why should we only let bald macho guys hog the spotlight? Here are some team-ups that we think would make excellent spin-off films. Which pairing is your favourite?


1. Fast & Furious: Shaw & Shaw

Fast & Furious: Shaw & Shaw. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

Fast & Furious: Shaw & Shaw. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

Face it – ever since we learnt that the dangerous Owen Shaw had another equally dangerous brother, Deckard Shaw, we’ve been wanting to see the two Shaw brothers team up. Fun fact – although Deckard Shaw is played by Jason Statham, the actor was originally considered for role of Owen Shaw. However, that part eventually went to Luke Evans, and Statham was cast as Deckard Shaw in the end.

It would be awesome to see the two brothers working together though. They each almost defeated the Fast & Furious crew in their own movies – so a team-up between two of the crew’s most powerful enemies would certainly make for an interesting clash.

Even better – watching the entire Shaw family (Magdalene Shaw & Hattie Shaw) in action would be amazing. In fact, they could possibly overpower Dominic Toretto’s crew if they got their act together and co-operated…


2. Fast & Furious: Letty & Elena

Fast & Furious: Letty & Elena. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

Fast & Furious: Letty & Elena. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

This one’s for all the fans of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) – watching the two loves of his life working together! Tough gal Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) was first introduced as Dom’s childhood sweetheart and one true love – but real life differences led to her character temporarily being shelved (in the movies, she was killed off – but they eventually revealed that she was just badly injured with amnesia). To make up for the romantic abyss in Dom’s life, policewoman Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky) was introduced.

But then Letty returned, and Elena departed… and then she got killed off in The Fate of the Furious.

A spin-off movie starring the pair could be a prequel – or they could find some way to revive Elena. It’d be an impressive show of girl power, and it could depict the two of them trying to rescue Dom! That’ll be a fun reversal from the usual damsel-in-distress plots – this time, it’d be a dude-in-distress.


3. Fast & Furious: Gisele & Han

Fast & Furious: Giselle & Elena. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

Fast & Furious: Giselle & Elena. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

Do you remember this cute little couple in the Fast & Furious franchise? Even before she was Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot proved that she was sizzling as supporting character Gisele Yashar, a smoking hot member of Toretto’s crew. Her beau was Han – get ready for this – Seoul-Oh (played by Sung Kang). They were a charming little couple who we couldn’t help but root for.

Sadly, they’ve both been killed off in the films. But that doesn’t mean the franchise won’t find a way to bring them back to life – after all, look what happened to Letty! A spin-off film about the duo could be a prequel, or it could feature the (not very surprising) resurrections of both characters. Regardless, it’ll be a spin-off that we’ll want to watch.


4. Fast & Furious: Cipher & Shaw

Fast & Furious: Cipher & Shaw. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

Fast & Furious: Cipher & Shaw. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

Just to be clear, we’re talking about Magdalene Shaw (Helen Mirren) here, the lady who spawned three other Shaws – Owen, Deckard, and Hattie. A team-up between these two femme fatales would prove to be interesting, especially since we’ve never seen the full scope of Magdalene Shaw’s abilities (despite the fact that they’ve been alluded to).

We know that Magdalene’s got the physical skills to do, well, almost anything. Pair that with Cipher’s (Charlize Theron) technological savvy, and you’ve got an almost unstoppable duo. They could actually be successful in conquering the world!


5. Fast & Furious: Dom & Hobbs 

Fast & Furious: Dom & Hobbs. Credit: Fast & Furious Wiki

With the passing of Paul Walker, Dom’s partner-in-crime Brian was also given a touching send-off. But that kind of means that Dom no longer has a buddy to banter or get into shenanigans with.

Enter Hobbs.

Of all the Fast & Furious characters, Hobbs probably complements Dom the most. They’re both built the same way – giant walls of meat who mow down everything in their path. They’re both used to getting their own way, which can make for interesting conflict. And they’re both good guys, which means they’ll fight for the same cause.

That’ll probably be a pretty awesome spin-off, don’t you think?

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

However, Hobbs is already starring in his own spin-off – Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw! In the film, Hobbs and Shaw are constantly at loggerheads, but must find a way to work together when the fate of the world is at stake and the life of Hattie Shaw (Vanessa Kirby) hangs in the balance. Opposing them is the deadly Brixton Lore (Idris Elba), a powerful cyborg who wants chaos and anarchy in the world.

Will Hobbs & Shaw be able to work together to save the day – or will this be the end of the world as we know it? Find out in Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw!


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Credits: Fast & Furious Wiki, Golden Village Cinemas



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