What if dinosaurs didn’t become extinct? What if they could talk? What if they were the smart ones and we humans were knuckleheads?

In The Good Dinosaur, we find out what happens if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct.

Actually, considering all the shows and movies which have featured dinos as their main characters, giant reptiles might as well have been around all along.

Including Arlo from The Good Dinosaur, here are five dinosaurs which have educated and entertained us up til now:

1. The Land Before Time

Littlefoot  in Land Before Time. (Photo: landbeforetime.wikia.com)

Littlefoot in Land Before Time. (Photo: landbeforetime.wikia.com)

The hero in this movie, a 1988 American-Irish animated adventure film about a bunch of young dinos learning to work and live together, is Littlefoot. (Well, his feet ain’t that small – he’s a Brontosaurus, also known as Longnecks in the movie.) He manages to overcome the sadness of losing his mother and together with companions Cera, a triceratops; Ducky, a saurolophus; Petrie, a pteranodon; and Spike, a stegosaurus, Littlefoot manages to defeat the tyrannosaurus that killed his mum and reunite with his grandparents. Ah, the good ol’ underdog fights back!

2. Barney’s Great Adventure

Barney in Barney's Geeat Adventure. (Photo: moviepilot.com)

Barney in Barney’s Great Adventure. (Photo: moviepilot.com)

This purple dinosaur is a polarising figure, to say the least. People either hate him or love him. Well, for promoting imagination in kids (and adults too) – in the 1998 musical adventure film, Barney teaches Cody the power of dreams – we say he’s a good guy. Plus, he’s the first Mr Nice Guy T-Rex we’ve seen!

3. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Momma in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. (Photo: iceage.wikia.com)

Momma in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. (Photo: iceage.wikia.com)

Ah, finally, a heroine! Momma is a Tyrannosaurus who initially wants to eat Sid the sloth for kidnapping her eggs, which later hatches into three cute babies. But don’t be fooled by her death stare, her softer side soon sees that he means no harm and that her kids like him. So, she decides to take him in and protect him from Rudy, a meanie dino, and towards the end of the movie, even saves Sid’s life. We like her strength that’s coupled with compassion.

4. The Flintstones

Dino in The Flintstones. (Photo: quora.com)

Dino in The Flintstones. (Photo: quora.com)

What’s with dinos and the colour purple? Dino, the Flintstones’ pet “dog” in the well-loved TV series as well as in the movie The Flintstones, is purple, just like Barney. A fictional snorkasaurus, Dino is truly man’s best friend. He greets and licks Fred Flintstone enthusiastically each time he returns home from work, helps Velma do some chores and is a babysitter-cum-companion for the kids Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

5. The Good Dinosaur

Arlo and his caveboy. Credit: Disney

Arlo and his caveboy. Credit: Disney

Arlo, the Apatosaurus in this computer animated adventure film, loses his father in a tragic accident, gets lost and ends up far away from his home, Clawed Tooth Mountains. Befriending a human boy he names Spot, Arlo teaches us how to overcome our fears and have faith.

Check out the trailer here:

The Good Dinosaur poster. (Photo: Golden Village)

The Good Dinosaur poster. (Photo: Golden Village)

Bring your kids to check out Arlo and Spot when The Good Dinosaur opens on November 26.

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