At the risk of being eviscerated by all the convent school girls in Singapore, I’m going to go a limb here and point out that they do share many traits that mark them as, well, being from convent schools. There’s no smoke without a fire though, so let’s take a look at some of the sterotypes (warranted or unwarranted) that come along with being from such schools.

Former students, please don’t kill me!

1. Idolises other classmates – to the extreme

Wistful admiration. Credit: Claire's Tea Party

Wistful admiration. Credit: Claire’s Tea Party

We’ve all idolised other classmates in school before, whether they be seniors or peers. At that young, impressionable age, we’re looking for any example to follow. But convent school girls take it to another level! It’s a full-on mimicry of their idol’s looks, habits and preferences.

Sometimes, this can even lead to a case of “twinning,” where two girls call each other twins even though they look nothing like each other at all (and note that this only applies to girls – boys never call each other twins).

2. Strong and independent

Tough girls. Credit: Just A  Small Town Girl

Tough girls. Credit: Just A Small Town Girl

A friend who came from a convent school (who might not be a friend after reading this) told me that she has less hang-ups on what are considered “boy’s duties” and “girl’s duties,” unlike students from mixed schools. What this means is that in a mixed school, the boys are expected to do more physical tasks, but convent school students don’t have that luxury. If there are chairs to be stacked, the girls will be doing that, because there aren’t any guys around.

This means that they grow up with lesser dependence on men for manual labour, and are more self-sufficient as a result.

3. Outspoken

Show and tell. Credit: About Parenting

Show and tell. Credit: About Parenting

Such students are also more likely to be vocal about their likes and dislikes, and they aren’t afraid to iterate their opinions. This makes them good presenters for meetings and events. Apparently, this penchant for outspokenness is a result of their independence, which gives them the confidence to tell it like it is.

Unfortunately, this trait can be seen as… bossiness.

4. Understands innuendos easily

I got it! Credit: TeluguOne

I got it! Credit: TeluguOne

Girls from convent schools tend to be better in linguistics, which means they can read between the lines well – very well. The great thing is that they can catch jokes much faster and chortle at even the slightest suggestive phrases. It also means that they’ve got a higher tolerance for said phrases, since they understand it perfectly. A bit too much at times.

Woe betide you if she doesn’t like such phrases, because she’s outspoken and she won’t be afraid to let you know her displeasure.

5. Competitive

A heated game of... Mario Kart. Credit: SegmentNext

A heated game of… Mario Kart. Credit: SegmentNext

And finally, convent girls usually hold themselves to higher standards. And their standards are the girls next to them, which means they’re always striving to be better than one another. This holds true even into adulthood, where this streak often leads them to be successful in their careers.

And also in video games.

Poster for Senior. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Poster for Senior. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

All these are just stereotypes, though! If you miss your convent school days, then catch Senior, where convent girl Mon teams up with the ghostly Senior to solve a decades-old murder.

Credits: Claire’s Tea Party, Just A Small Town Girl, About Parenting, Telugu One, SegmentNext, Golden Village Cinemas