The Furious crew are back again. Credit:

The Furious crew are back again. Credit:

“This was a labor of love. It was in some ways the hardest movie I ever had to do because the relationships that you see on film are so real. When the tragedy happened, I lost my best friend. I lost my brother.” ~ Vin Diesel

It’s a billion-dollar franchise that has generated seven movies, countless daredevil car stunts and more carbon emissions than a small Third World Country (probably).

But Furious 7, the latest instalment of the Fast And Furious franchise, which opens in Singapore this Thursday, is one tinged by tragedy.

Paul Walker, one of the stars of the franchise, died tragically in a car crash in Nov 2013 while halfway through filming.

But cast and crew soldiered on after a delay, and Walker’s final movie is almost here. Here’s four ways that the movie will honour him.

1) Cast members have all been paying tribute to Walker

Is this one of those...

“Is this one of the Uber supercars?”

Vin Diesel, who plays lead Dominic Toretto, was particularly close to Walker and even named his baby daughter after him. Here’s Diesel at an advanced of the screening in LA this month, talking about the man he called ‘Pablo’.

Co-star Dwayne Johnson, who plays Luke Hobbs, praised Walker as “truly one of the good guys — a great dude who didn’t take himself too seriously, loved what he did, understood the business of the business.”

Meanwhile, Tyrese Gibson, who plays Roman Pearce, even wore a sweater with Walker’s face on it while doing interviews for the movie: “I want him to be on everyone’s mind because it’s not about me.”

Always in our hearts. Credit:

2) Walker’s brothers helped to complete the movie

Paul, Caleb and Cody Walker. Credit:

Paul, Caleb and Cody Walker. Credit:

While four actors with similar physiques to Walker were hired as stand-ins, his brothers Caleb and Cody were ultimately key in allowing the production to go on.

Cody, a stuntman, reportedly bears a strong resemblance and has mannerisms similar to his late brother.

Paul Walker’s face was also superimposed digitally for close-up shots, reportedly with help from Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital.

Credit: Vin Diesel's Facebook page

Vin Diesel on set with Caleb and Cody. Credit: Vin Diesel’s Facebook page

Something similar was done on The Crow (1994) following Brandon Lee’s untimely death, with mixed results. But early reviews of Furious 7 suggest that the transition has been seamless.

Some have even suggested that Cody, 25, replace his late brother in the next Furious movie.

3) A twist for Paul Walker’s character 


“This isn’t the end.” Credit:

There is a surprise twist for Paul Walker’s character in the movies, which audiences may not be expecting.

We can’t say anymore as we don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the movie.

4) The film includes a video tribute to Walker

Paul Walker front and centre.

Paul Walker front and centre.

At the end of the movie, before the end credits roll, a video tribute to Walker will play. Tyrese Gibson describes it best:

“The tribute at the end is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see,” said Gibson. “All the things you love about ‘Fast & Furious’ are in there, but this tribute is so touching — and necessary. The fans are really going to appreciate it.”

It will all end with a final dedication: “FOR PAUL.”

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Furious 7 will open in cinemas this Thursday, April 2. Get tickets here.