If you need a reason to watch Monsters: Dark Continent, here’s three: Monsters, aliens and guns. Any questions?

Jokes aside, there’s lots of  things that will draw you to this independent British sci-fi thriller, about what happens 10 years after an alien invasion of the Earth, and how the U.S. Army attempts to repel the invaders.

Intrigued already? Here’s our three reasons you should watch the movie.

1) It’s the follow up to the critically acclaimed Monsters


Filmed guerilla-style with largely improvised dialogue, Monsters (2010) made waves on a (very) low budget and a tightly contained storyline centred on two main characters.

While sequels are no guarantee of quality, the Monsters team is back with a brand new set of characters and an expanded storyline.

It’s somewhat similar to 28 Days Later (2002), also about a monster invasion (of sorts), which began its sequel in a brand new locale with brand new characters.

More monsters/guns/soldiers than the first movie? I’m sold already.

2) Gareth Edwards is its executive producer

Credit: www.latimes.com

Credit: www.latimes.com

Yes, THAT Gareth Edwards: The man who directed Monsters, and was then recruited to direct Godzilla (2014). Oh, and did we mention that he’s also been hand-picked to direct a Star Wars spinoff movie?

He’s not directing the movie this time round, but it’s an excellent opportunity to check out his style and thematic concerns, way ahead of the movie’s release in 2017.

Judging by Godzilla, this will be a movie where the humans take precedence over the monsters and special effects. But hey, you’ll have to watch it to find out.

3) It’s the latest in a long line of monster movies


From District 9 (2009) to Pacific Rim (2013) to Edge of Tomorrow (2014), it’s clear that Hollywood has had monsters on its mind for a long time. And judging by the amount of money these movies have been making, they’ve been on our minds too.

While these movies have varied in quality, they do share common themes: War, the cost of survival, how humanity responds to crisis.

It’s been said that these themes reflect an anxiety about the real world, given the economic, environmental and security issues that preoccupy us.

All you have to do is go to a news website, or even just take a look around, to know that these issues have not and will not go away. With that in mind, it sure wouldn’t hurt to play out these anxieties in a movie theatre for a couple of hours.